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Service and Custom Parts

In house repair services to:

There is no charge for in house repair quotes. Loan units are available upon request (we only charge for shipping). Please contact us for a repair estimate. Some older equipment may not meet today's standards and therefore we may suggest replacement.

Mobile services - Central & Southern Ontario

Annual Preventive Maintenance Service for oxygen and nitrous oxide systems.
Our annual preventive maintenance service includes testing and adjustment of: We provide a complete service recap outlining items tested, actual results and what we did. Adjustments and minor repairs are included in our price. Typically this service is performed on an annual basis as mandated by some regulatory bodies. Many of our customers have this service done simply to ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of their equipment. We will provide a written quote if there is a problem not covered under this service program or if parts are required.

Service calls to your location.
We carry the right parts and our people have the training to get your gas system up and running right away. By far the most common problem we hear about is suspected oxygen leakage or high consumption of oxygen.

Assessments and evaluations of existing systems.
From adding another room to evaluating used equipment, our people have the experience required to offer sound advice and the best options that would best suit your needs. We always take the time to listen and try to help when it comes to understanding regulations that relate to modifications and additions.

Nitrous Oxide Exposure Monitoring

Personal exposure badges provide your clinic with results that can assist in meeting regulatory requirements and recommendations.

Installation of new gas systems

From a small veterinary clinic to a large Cosmetic surgery clinic with multiple operating rooms, our complete product line ensures we can find the system to best meet your requirements and of course budget. Our familiarity with regulations that may apply (T.S.S.A., C.S.A., R.C.D.S.O.) ensures complete compliance and helps avoid unwanted "surprises".

Custom Components

Please contact us if there is a project or idea that we may be able to help with. Our relationship with our manufacturing partners allows easy access to virtually every medical gas component available at the best price.