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Suction Regulators


#7 - S400 Surgical suction regulator adjustable with full line capability with on/off switch. DISS nut & nipple inlet.
#7 - S200 Tracheal suction regulator adjustable, 0 to 200 mmHg with on/off switch. DISS nut & nipple inlet.

Surgical suction collection

#7 - S01 Suction bottle cap assembly. Scew on style with DISS nut and nipple outlet fittings.
#7 - S02 Clear cap only for suction cap assembly; threaded.
#7 - S03 Bottle cap gasket - each.
#7 - S06 Bottle cap gasket - package of 5.

Suction bottles for collection. Poly-carbonate with indicators for measurement of contents.
Case pricing available upon request.
#7 - S12 - 1200ml collection bottle
#7 - S28 - 2800ml collection bottle
#11 - S12 - 1200ml collection cottle - glass

Disposable Suction Collection System

This system uses a disposable rigid plasticliner and cap that is supported/mounted in an outer cannister.
The cannisters can be mounted on the wall or in floor bases with wheels. For as little as $5.00 per disposable cannister no-one has to clean bottles again!

#12 - 10 Wall mount starter set for 1000cc container with wall bracket, ring bracket, outer cannister and 1 liner.
#12 - 15 Wall mount starter set for 1500cc container with wall bracket, ring bracket, outer cannister and 1 liner.
#12 - 1100 Disposable liner 1000cc case of 100.
#12 - 1500 Disposable liner 1500cc case of 100.



50 psi preset regulators for manifold supply or to run from a large cylinder directly to mixer.
CGA inlet, DISS outlet with contents gauge.
Chrome plated brass construction.

Regular duty single stage
#7 - 540P Oxygen preset - large tank
#7 - 326P Nitrous oxide preset

Premium single stage - with relief valve
#6 - V540 Oxygen preset - large tank
#6 - V326 Nitrous oxide preset

Adjustable regulators and accessories for pneumatic drills (Oral surgery)

#7 - RD580 Nitrogen 0-200 psi adjustable; a great regulator for Oral Surgeons
#8 - 6253 Schraeder style quick connect valve with 1/4" male pipe inlet
#A - 6353 Schraeder style quick connect valve with DISS N2 inlet and elbow

Medical Gas Outlets


Medical Air
Nitrous Oxide

There are a couple of common outlets used in private practices.
Recessed outlets are for new construction where the pipes are hidden in the walls, and the faceplate is flush with the finished surface.
Exposed outlets are used when the piping cannot be hidden in a wall cavity and must be left exposed on a wall, such as a concrete block surface.
D.I.S.S. outlets are used most often as they last a lot longer, and in our opinion are less prone to leakage over time. because the mating surface and support is much better with DISS outlets they are the best choice when mounting heavy items such as suction regulators.
Quick Connect outlets allow for faster connect and disconnect of equipment. They are a good choice when we know that epuipment is going to be moved around from room to room.

We have outlets in all available configurations and gases. The outlets listed below are the most commonly used.

Recessed DISS outlet and finish kit

#13-1124A Oxygen
#13-1104 Nitrous oxide
#13-1122 Vacuum
#13-1116 Medical Air
#13-1112 Nitrogen

Exposed DISS outlet and finish kit

#13-2121A Oxygen
#13-2104 Nitrous oxide
#13-2122 Vacuum

Quick connect outlet - Recessed - Puritan style

#11-02WALL Oxygen
#11-N0WALL Nitrous oxide
#11-VAWALL Vacuum

Portable Oxygen Kits

Kit #1 - (our most popular!)
Uses a leased "E" size oxygen tank available from your gas supplier.
Includes a 0 to 15 litre per minute (1pm) flow regulator, cylinder cart, disposable mask and tubing and cylinder wrench.

Leasing your tank makes it much easier to have the tank replaced or refilled. Most gas suppliers charge $45.00 to $50.00 a year for this annual lease and a full tank (refill) costs about $25.00 to $35.00.

Tank & Regulator Accessories


Bonded cylinder seal for D and E cylinder yolks. These soft rubber like seals are far superior to the plastic washers that come with a new tank. We call them "frustration enders"

#8 - 0S01 Bonded seal - each
#8 - 0S10 Bonded seal - package of 10

Cylinder wrench for D and E tanks - green plastic
#8 - TW01 Tank wrench - each
#8 - TW10 Tank wrench- package of 10

Oxygen cart for D and E size tanks
#7 - 1020 Single cylinder cart

Oxygen Flow Meters


All of our oxygen flowmeters are hospital grade. 0 to 15 litre per minute units with DISS outlets.

#7 - FM01 Flowmeter with DISS nut & nipple inlet fitting
#7 - FM02 Flowmeter with Matrx quick connect inlet fitting
#7 - FM03 Flowmeter with Puritan Bennett quick connect inlet fitting.

Disposable masks, nasal cannulas

All items are priced in singles; case pricing is available upon request.

#3 - 2200 Adult disposable oxygen mask with 7 foot non kink tubing
#3 - 2700 Pediatric disposable oxygen mask with 7 foot non kink tubing
#3 - 1500 Nasal cannula - adult straight tip with 7 foot non kink tubing
#3 - 2700 Humidifier bottle; disposable with nut & nipple inlet, barbed outlet

"Pigtail" tubings


"Pigtail" tubings and high pressure "T" pieces allow for 2 tanks to be connected to 1 regulator. Sold with one way flow vavles to allow for changing of one tank while the other tank is in use. Chrome plated.

#7-5419 Oxygen pigtail with check
#7-5417 Oxygen Tee with check

Resuscitation Bags

- single patient use.

From a leading manufacturer these are the best disposable bag we've seen. Complete with reservoir bag and mask, this unit can be connected to an oxygen source with the supplied tubing.

#14-A Adult bag
#14-P Paediatric bag

Anesthetic Exposure Badges


Wear the badge for a typical day, record the hours worn, then send to the lab. Results are typically returned within 14 days. Report indicates peak exposure as well as time weighted average in parts per million.

#15-N20 Nitrous oxide
#15 � VB Sevoflurane, Desflurane, Isoflurane